Volunteering In Europe

When one hears the word Europe, the sights that come to mind are glamorous city like Paris, Grand Canal of Venice, picturesque beauty of England, Prague, or Madrid. Many would not even feel that Europe would need volunteers, but that is the truth. There is a lot of help needed even in European countries. Poverty level is around 16% in Europe. The popular languages of Europe are English, German, French, and Italian. 

Voluntary Work in Europe

Volunteer Programs in Europe

Europe has a huge cultural diversity, and international volunteer programs offer a lot of voluntary work in Europe. Although English is one of the main languages, there is still enough need for teachers to teach English in schools as well as for private tutoring. Ever wondered Europe needs community development? The truth is, community development is required. It can involve work like helping at the local shelters or renovation projects, etc. There are also chances to volunteer in farms in Ireland, harvest grapes in Italy, join the archaeological dig in Greece, Teach English in Germany, and many such volunteer programs are available. You will not just be volunteering, but you can also learn a little bit of Spanish, French, Italian, or German, while you are volunteering there.

Voluntary work in Europe is going to provide you with great experience and a memory for a lifetime!


How Volunteering Affects Life!

Volunteer Work Volunteering has an impact on each individual who volunteers. It can be unique experience for each person. Although people volunteer for various reasons, the time spent volunteering, the people they meet, the environment they live in, can have a huge impact on a person at a more emotional and spiritual level. For some, volunteering experience has been a life changing experience. It can change a person’s perspective towards life. Sometimes it can even alter the values and goals of an individual. There are examples not just from today but even from ancient times, where people have had self-realization, while trying to do some good and pledged to continue doing the good work as it satisfies the soul than anything materialistic in this world. Where ever a person decides to volunteer, weather locally or abroad is destined to learn some good values from it. Traveling also helps improve knowledge and wisdom.

Volunteer Programs There are many organizations which provide volunteer abroad programs, through which people of all ages travel to different countries and do the volunteer work. Through traveling to different lands, one learns to adjust to new life, care for the people, live harmoniously with colleagues. Staying away from home can make one realize the value of family, home, and its comforts which usually many take for granted.

Volunteering is good for the soul. We think that we are helping others, but volunteering actually helps us to shape our lives better at so many levels!

Volunteer Work in South America


South America is made up of twelve countries out of which the largest country is Brazil and the smallest is Suriname. Spanish and portuguese are the main languages of South America. South America is a beautiful place known for its indigenous people and their cultures. It is also famous for its Spanish influence. South America is very famous for its cuisines and street food. People are very friendly. Seasons are reversed in South America as it is south of the equator. South America is also known for its environmental degradation, poverty, violence, corruption, etc. South America has a large number NGO’s which are working towards development of the country. Hence there is no lack of volunteer work in South America. These organizations run throughout the year, and a volunteer can take up any kind of volunteer work here.

There are options like conservation of ecosystem, protection of animals, preservation of rare rainforest species, protection of river dolphins, teaching in schools, providing health services to indigenous tribes. Volunteering in orphanages, day care centers, working with HIV patients, build homes for homeless migrants, natural calamity reliefs, work for human rights and social justice, etc.

One can work in urban or rural areas and both need help equally. Volunteer program costs might vary widely. Except for animal preservation work, which can be seasonal, all other kinds of volunteer work run through out of the year. Only some volunteer work might require knowing basic Spanish and Portuguese and also have a required minimum stay due to reasons like type of work or extent of training. Other organizations accept anyone who is interested in doing volunteer work in South America.

Nothing teaches hope, kindness, courage, and compassion like helping others! Do not miss a chance to volunteering in South America.

Priceless Volunteers!

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An adage by Aesop tells that “no act of kindness, no matter how small, is never wasted.” Volunteering is a selfless act which not only brings a smile on face of those you have helped but also on your own face. A smile on those people’s face who may not be able to express in words how much they appreciate it and a smile on your face which is soul satisfying. More than doing good to the community you are actually doing good to yourself by taking up any volunteer work opportunity that comes your way. You are in a process of rediscovering yourself, you will come to know your greater powers and capacity as to how much you can do for someone or for a whole community without expecting anything back. You would learn how selfless and giving you can be, how you can discover happiness even in little things. Someone might be remembering you in their prayers daily to keep you happy and healthy so that you can continue with your good work. These are the kind of positive vibes that are needed for a person to lift him up spiritually, psychologically, as well as physically.

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When the mind is happy automatically it improves the health and keeps the person fit and fine. So never miss volunteer work opportunities when it comes your way because you are helping yourself by volunteering to help others!

Food for Thought – Volunteers are not paid, not because they are worthless, but because they are Priceless!